Dieux du Stade

Corsica-born Pierre-Ange Carlotti is the photographer chosen to produce the images for this year’s Dieux du Stade calendar.

Working in collaboration with rugby star Yoann Maestri and his brother Marco Maestri, the calendar features seventeen French rugby players in various states of undress.

The photographer has gone for a more natural, unretouched look, shooting on film rather than digital, in contrast to many previous editions which featured highly stylised and edited images.

The players featured are Clément Daguin, Frédéric Michalak, Sylvain Nicolas, Sofiane Guitoune, Baptiste Couilloud, Pierre-Louis Barassi, Kelian Galletier, Guillaume Galletier, Jean-Marc Doussain, Antoine Dupont, Pierre Fouyssac, Xavier Mignot, Jules Plisson, Yoann Maestri, Djibril Camara, Arthur Bonneval and Ryan Chapuis.

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